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This set of circa 100 miniature books dating from 1649 and onwards, is currently for sale at one of the most renowned auction houses in Stockholm, Sweden. Complete with a miniature bookshelf.

More details, and possibilities to place a bid (no, I’m not the vendor!), right here.

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#like what if the doctor had managed to get the master in the TARDIS  #and he tried to come up with ways to work out his aggression  #like it was yoga and meditation  #and the master trying to stab the doctor in the neck with a shiv fashioned out of the arm of a pair of glasses  #and they tried boxing  #which was good for a bit  #lots of sweat and endorphins and blood running down faces  #smeared under the doctor’s nose  #and that was probably how they discovered sex was really good for keeping the drums at bay  #because that split lip from the master’s right hook tastes like copper  #and it stings when he licks it  #tracing his handiwork with his tongue (via)

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summer berry custard bars.