HD Screencaps: Sherlock S3 Prequel; Many Happy Returns

765 (unsorted) caps / 1920x1080 / jpg format. Source: BBC YouTube Channel

HD Screencaps: The Hobbit (Second Trailer)

1,662 (unsorted) caps / 1920x800 / jpg format. Source: 1080p iTunes. Capped every other frame.

Prometheus » Trailers

566 | 1,466 (unsorted) caps / 1920x816 / jpg format. Source: iTunes 1080p. Capped every other frame.

Deathly Hallows Part Two, BluRay Screencaps

15,427 caps / 1920x800 / jpg format. Capped from the 1080p BluRay dvd.

Samples and 5x zip files over at my graphics comm. :)