I’m selling my Simm!Master/Ten clippings/magazines/posters collection. I hate to part with it, but as I’ve a) scanned most of them already and b) am running out of space in my tiny flat and c) need money for medical costs, I’m going to have to sell it to the highest bidder. This is an absolutely huge, *huge* pile of stuff— about 1,2 kilograms’ worth of tat all together. Here is a sample of the contents:

Doctor Who Adventures magazine issues (no gifts intact):

76 (missing Master/Toclafane poster)
126 (intact, some remnants of tape on cover from the gift)
146 (Doctor/Master poster inside, same as the cover)
148 (Ten/Eleven hologram cover)
149 (intact)
150 (missing one small clipping from poster with Sontarans and other monsters)

The Final Curtain Radio Times article with great photo of David and John

Some Battles in Time articles and cards

A Tale of Two Time Lords: An entire Doctor/Master sticker book, mint. Over 100 stickers, pretty awesome stuff. All stickers unused.

Simm!Master cardboard mask from DWA
Various DWA posters
Two rare postcards of the Master, Ten and Martha
A couple of photographic quality A5 prints of the Master, Ten, Martha

Big posters:

Wilf/Doctor/Master poster (SFX) 79x56 cm, never used, mint

Wilf/Doctor/Master poster (Doctor Who Magazine) 83,5cm x 59,5 cm. Quality: good. Some transparent tape  left on corners because it’s been on my wall, but otherwise in good condition. No tears or noticeable  scuff marks.

Assorted clippings and articles and a couple of stickers. I bought some of these clippings from eBay myself and have no idea where some of them come from, but there are loads and loads.

This would be a great addition to any Ten/Simm!Master fan’s collection, as it’s got nearly everything that came out during the time of the Simm!Master episodes. Some of these will definitely go up in value over the years, especially the postcards, methinks.

If you’re interested, see details on this here LJ post.

Signal boost. Definitely recommend checking this out!


Doctor Who dictionary

[The] Doctor /ˈdɒk.tə/: Renegade Time Lord from Gallifrey who journey through time and space with various companions in a type 40 TARDIS. Known as the universe’s greatest defender, being the savior of countless lives, civilisations and planets, becoming a great legend across the whole universe.

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Daryl Dixon + stuff and weapons

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Hades & Persephone AU

Ever the black sheep, Hades turned away from the rest of his family, focusing instead on the seedy underworld of crime and corruption, making a name for himself as the most powerful crime boss in the city.
In desperate times, Demeter turns to Hades for some financial help and after her time is up, she is unable to repay him.  So Hades reclaims his payment in another form: Demeter’s beautiful daughter, Persephone.

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What's been the best part of your new life here in town ?  The friends I made .

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She looked like an Orange County girl or Malibu Barbie. And I was like, “Who is that?” and someone would say, “That’s Jennifer Lawrence,” and I would say, “The girl cooking a squirrel on a stick in Winter’s Bone?” I never recognized her! She always looks different.

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-Do you love me?
-Love is too weak a word for what I feel.

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caroline dhavernas → 2-5/?

Gillian Anderson || August 9, 1968

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12 :: Peter Capaldi [x]