We love you and miss you so much

Happy birthday, Terry Jones!

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Mr. Musgrave’s problematic butler is missing; however my dear Watson, his bed is still here.

It should be noted that Holmes is as high as a very high thing during this whole episode.



zhouyousifang's playful tiger

Caturday fun


Puppet 12 ponders which biscuits are his new favourite at the London Candy Co in NYC. Which ones do you think he’ll like?

If you can’t beat God, become him?

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did you miss me?

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Salina Yoon, author of Penguin and Pinecone, Penguin on Vacation, and Penguin in Love, just updated her website with news of upcoming events and tons of adorable Penguin illustrations like this one. Check it out!

Moffat: Breathes
Fandom: You fucking sexist jerk I hate you so much learn how to breathe you little prick bring back RTD he was much better at breathing

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on set of Doctor Who. Queen street. January 28th, 2014 

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if everybody got a free miniature animal at birth that protected you, like a tiny elephant or dragon, the world would be a better place.

write a book

You could call it The Golden Compass

Happy 33rd Birthday, Elijah Wood (January 28, 1981)

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