Had a nasty migraine Friday evening, with scintillating scotoma. Scared me to death, even though I’ve had them before (I get migraines without aura quite often, but it’s been three years and four months since I last had one with aura). Spent most of the weekend in bed, feeling utterly sick. Am only just back to feeling ‘normal’ again.

"Mikey, is this your laptop?" "On which depends the security of the free world, yes, and you’ve got potatoes on it."

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You have the most intimidating sideways stare.

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Apple Q&A - Moffat sends Benedict actual 6 year old into a giggle fit [x]

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I want a Lestrade spin-off where he solves NOTHING. That’d be fantastic. Lestrade investigates: not. a. fucking. clue.

—Steven Moffat on a possible spin-off - #Applelock (via dudeufugly)


Stupid sexy Australian Hannibal trailer.

"Every relationship is reciprocal, Peter. When you touch something, it touches you."

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Colourful Rooftops